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What support initiatives do tech companies want in cybersecurity? – Respond to the survey!

If you work at a tech company, you have the opportunity to influence the support initiatives you need to create secure digital products and solutions. All you need to do is spend 3 minutes answering our survey!

TO THE SURVEY (in Swedish)

The survey is a part of the research conducted by Sweden Secure Tech Hub, an initiative that creates activities and offerings in the field of cybersecurity for small and medium-sized tech companies.

– By responding to the survey, you help us help you. It will serve as the basis for the types of investments we, as Science Park, need to make to support your company, says Jonas Lindahl, project manager at Linköping Science Park.

Sweden Secure Tech Hub will offer a variety of resources and services, ranging from lectures, webinars, expert assistance, testing opportunities, and help in finding the necessary funding for planned development initiatives. Some of these activities are already underway, such as open meetings within the Cyberly network, where you can gain inspiration and support.

– Through the efforts of Sweden Secure Tech Hub, we aim to provide support right from the design and development phase so that companies can incorporate security considerations from the very beginning, Jonas explains.

Sweden Secure Tech Hub is a national innovation hub in the field of cybersecurity and is a collaboration between six of Sweden’s leading Science Parks: Linköping Science Park, Lindholmen Science Park (Gothenburg), Ideon Science Park (Lund), Kista Science Park (Stockholm), Luleå Science Park, and Blue Science Park (Karlskrona).

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