Science parks in cooperation

Blue Science Park

Blue Science Park – for new knowledge, innovation and market! At Blue Science Park, research, business and the public sector meet to solve needs and capture new ideas in our focus areas Digital, eHealth, Maritime technology and Urban development.

Ideon Science Park

Ideon and Lund have a long tradition of creating innovations within life science, software/IoT, telecommunications, energy and new materials.
Ideon Science Park is one of the reasons why Greater Copenhagen is a world class science and business region. The well established private-public partnerships is another. As well as fantastic Universities and research institutions.

Kista Science City

Kista Science City is the leading tech cluster in Europe. Home to some of the world’s most famous ICT companies such as Ericsson and IBM, as well as a range of exciting startups and the leading universities of Stockholm. 

Kista Science City is a community, meeting place and idea of shaping a sustainable tomorrow with the help of next generation technology. Enabled by the creative collaboration between innovative companies, academia and the public sector. 

Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Science Park is both a dynamic area and an arena for collaboration across geographical borders. It is home to several of Sweden’s leading development projects, with a focus on mobility for tomorrow.

Linköping Science Park

Linköping Science Park is a world-class innovation hotspot – with 7 000 brilliant minds and more than 400 companies inspiring Linköping – and the globe – with technology, services and an explorative mindset. It is the home of leading tech companies such as Sectra, IFS and Autoliv, as well as pioneering startups like Amra, XM Reality and Senion.

Luleå Science Park

Luleå Science Park – a meeting place between technology, people, knowledge and creativity with close links to Luleå University of Technology, LTU Business, Arctic Business and Go Business. Luleå Science Park has several strong brands and around 100 companies are developing and growing here, mainly in IT and energy.

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