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Secure your spot in the free Cybersecurity Education at Linköping University

The Basics of Cybersecurity- course is back and ready to equip participants with essential knowledge and insights. In this program, participants will acquire key skills in an increasingly digitized world, strengthening organizations’ ability to defend against cyber threats. Submit your application here by March 4th!

New for this round is that the course is offered in a hybrid format, allowing participants from various parts of the country to join. The number of available spots has also been increased from the previous 30 to 100. The education is entirely free and co-funded by the European Union and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

The program targets small and medium-sized businesses with growth ambitions where digital technologies are a central part of the business model. Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of IT systems, and the course aims to enhance their understanding of cybersecurity, helping them develop a stronger security culture within their respective organizations.

“It feels great to offer this education to these specific companies because we know it can be challenging to prioritize further training in a smaller company. At the same time, staying well-informed in this area is critical for business,” says Tim Larsson, project manager at Linköping Science Park.

New Threats, Trends, and Legal Aspects

Associate Professor Mikael Asplund from Linköping University will lead the course, ensuring participants gain a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity. The goal is to demystify essential concepts and create conditions for a strengthened security culture and awareness.

The education will cover several central themes, including cybersecurity in a societal context with a focus on historical contexts, new threats and trends, societal vulnerability, countermeasures, and legal aspects.

“Information and cybersecurity are highly relevant for companies and employees regardless of the industry. This is due to both the security policy situation and the fact that criminal activities are moving into the digital sphere. Few people lack digital assets, and for both individuals and companies, the loss of data, or just the inability to access it for a period, can quickly become a significant operational problem. The threat landscape is constantly changing, and with new technologies come new varieties of attacks and human errors, so it’s crucial to stay updated!” says Joanna Sjölander, cluster leader for Cyberly.

Sweden Secure Tech Hub

The education is part of the initiative Sweden Secure Tech Hub, where six Science Parks have joined forces to create offerings related to cybersecurity. Therefore, the education will also be conducted in Gothenburg at Lindholmen Science Park, Blue Science Park in Karlskrona, Ideon Science Park in Lund, Luleå Science Park, and Kista Science City.

More information about the education can be found here!

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